Finance Lease

The key difference from contract hire is that finance lease rentals are not dependent on a predetermined vehicle life cycle and hence residual value. You may repay the entire capital cost of the vehicle plus interest over a period of time up to 4 years (cars) and 7 years (vans) or may agree a balloon payment to match the vehicle depreciation profile to reduce the monthly rental.

Whilst ownership will always remain with Fleet Hire you will have full operational control over the vehicles and in return for acting as our vehicle buying and disposal agent you will enjoy 95% of any net sales proceeds you are able to negotiate.

    Key Features

  • With or without maintenance add-ons
  • Ownership remains with Fleet Hire
  • Designed for businesses that wish to handle their own buying and selling of fleet vehicles using in house fleet administration

    Key Benefits

  • You retain full operational control of the vehicle
  • Enables capital cost of vehicle to be spread assisting cashflow
  • You retain the majority of the economic benefit of the vehicle at the contract end
  • Enables fixed monthly cost budgeting
  • Flexible profile and terms
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