Duty Of Care

Regardless of whether you supply your employees with company cars, cash allowances or require employees who are ineligible for either car or cash to perform business mileage in their own private cars, your business has a duty of care towards these employees whilst they are on company business.

The Fleet Hire Duty of Care product has been designed to assist employers achieve full compliance of their duty of care responsibilities including: an online risk assessment, driver licence checking service, insurance checks, driver training and vehicle safety checks.

    Key Features

  • Bespoke service to match your businesses exact requirements
  • A broad range of services to ensure full compliance with your duty of care responsibilities
  • A full audit trail in the event of having to defend a legal action

    Key Benefits

  • Potential cost savings from reduced accidents
  • Peace of mind that your business is meeting its duty of care obligations
  • Send positive messages to customers, suppliers and employees of a more caring business
  • Potentially lower insurance premiums
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