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"We have been delighted by the high level of customer
service, dedicated support and expertise of Fleet Hire”

- Lynne Haynes, Group Fleet Administrator, Deb Group
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A vehicle of your choosing is provided for an agreed period up to 60 months in exchange for a fixed monthly rental. At the end of the contract the vehicle is simply returned to, or collected by Fleet Hire. In addition to basic rental the vehicle user can elect to add-on other services such as maintenance and accident management.

    Key Features

  • Fixed monthly cost for the duration of the contract life
  • Fleet Hire take all the risks connected with the vehicle ownership (depreciation, maintenance, residual value)
  • Off balance sheet funding since vehicles are owned by Fleet Hire, subject to confirmation by your own auditors
  • Contract term and mileage to suit the needs of your business
  • Enables companies to fund the vehicle net of VAT
  • Able to switch vehicles your business owns to Contract Hire via sale and leaseback arrangements
  • Fully integrated value added additional services to match the diverse needs of your business

    Key Benefits

  • Low initial outlay
  • Fixed cost budgeting and efficient cash flow management
  • Off balance sheet funding can improve your company's gearing ratio
  • Improved tax efficiency through VAT and writing down allowances benefits
  • Risk free way of operating a vehicle
  • Removes administrative burden of supplying, servicing & disposing of your vehicles
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