Fair Wear and Tear Guide

Fleet Hire applies British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA) guide to Fair Wear and Tear. This guide provides an industry-wide, accepted standard for acceptable fair wear and tear on Cars and light commercial vehicles when they are returned at the end of contract.

When your vehicle is collected / returned to us it will be inspected and a condition report will be completed.

We fully accept that after a number of years on contract it will not be in showroom condition, but we also expect that any significant damage should be repaired prior to the vehicles return.

    Your Obligations at End of Contract

  • On collection, your vehicle should be legal and roadworthy
  • The vehicle should be free of damage in line with the BVRLA guide.
  • It should have a current MOT
  • All equipment, originally supplied with the vehicle, should be included
  • Any spare keys to be returned with the vehicle
  • The vehicle should have been serviced in line with the manufacturer's requirements. Please ensure that the fully stamped up service book and any manuals are returned with the vehicle.
  • The vehicle should be clean and personal effects should have been removed.

If any of the items above are not adhered to then you / your company might be liable to pay compensation.

    Benefits of using Fleet Hire

  • We fully comply with the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear guide.
  • All charges are identified on the handover paperwork / system.
  • All charges are backed up with digital images.
  • As agreed with specific customers, vehicles will be idependently inspected and estimates produced at the point of collection.

To access the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guide, please click the relevant button below:

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