Car Salary Exchange was established solely for car salary sacrificing and so was designed to make the process easy, pain free, and extremely beneficial for employer and employee alike.

Having listened to employer feedback, Car Salary Exchange has developed a unique approach which has removed the key employer risks previously associated with cars, effectively de-risking it to the same position as much lower monetary value benefits such as ‘Cycle To Work’ and ‘Personal Computers’.

We have endeavoured to create an all ‘upside, no downside’ proposition that involves zero risk for employers but with all the financial savings to be generated by retaining significant Employer NIC amounts (by virtue of the benefit being sizeable in monetary terms).

We have also gone one stage further and virtually removed all employee risk through a fair and transparent risk mitigation mechanism focussing on the two key unbudgeted costs (excess mileage and end of contract damage).

Our experience shows that delivery of a successful car benefit with good levels of take up involves clear communication, easy to follow processes and complete awareness and transparency concerning unbudgeted costs (excess mileage and damage as previously mentioned). Our sole objective is to deliver a positive employee experience that they will wish to repeat by way of repeat orders.

What can you expect from Car Salary Exchange?

An effectively managed car salary exchange scheme should deliver high employee take-up-rates, which leads to savings in the employers payroll National Insurance costs. The employee also ‘wins’ by saving and tax and National Insurance on the salary reduction amount.

With the average Car Salary Exchange driver benefiting by over £74 per month at no cost to the business, your car salary exchange scheme should also be delivering a workforce full of happy employees.

We measure the effectiveness of our programs by monitoring take-up-rates, and find that we can significantly increase these levels within an organisation, even if the benefit of salary packaging a car has been in place for years. We do this in a number of ways:

  1. We educate your employees and clearly communicate the inherent benefit and value of a car through our scheme. We do this through our literature, roadshows and clinic days we organise at all your locations/offices within the UK.

  2. We work with a number of benefit providers and therefore can provide access to our car benefit through your existing employee benefits portal. As a result we are able to increase the awareness of the car scheme as it will feature where other benefits such as Child Car Vouchers and Cycle-to-Work resulting allowing more employees access to the car benefit.

  3. And because we do this day in, day out, we’ve developed our online systems that make the whole process easy, taking care of all the complicated administration work, allowing you to get on with running the business.

Easy process

Car Salary Exchange was established solely for car salary sacrifice and therefore we’re extremely good and experienced at it providing this benefit to employers. We make the whole process easy, taking the majority of the work and administration off your hands, freeing up time for your HR, finance and payroll departments so that they can focus on your key business requirements.

If you think your organisation could benefit from a car salary exchange scheme, and you’re unsure of how it will fit in with your existing employee benefits, just give us a call on 0844 85 45 161, we’d be happy to help.

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