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Salary exchange is an arrangement where an employee gives up part of their future earnings or bonus in exchange for a non-cash benefit.

As the salary is being ‘exchanged’ rather than paid from the gross amount, the employee does not pay Income Tax or National Insurance Contributions (‘NICs’) on the exchanged amount. In addition, an employer doesn’t pay NICs on the amount of salary exchanged either. The exchanged amount can then be used to provide the employee with a benefit, in this case a company car.

Each scheme is designed to meet the individual needs of the employer. An employer has the option of either passing the full employer Class 1A NIC’s savings to the employee within the monthly car salary exchange amount or retaining the savings.

‘Employers have the option to retain the NIC savings. Typical annual employer savings being circa £100,000 for every 200 employees participating in this benefit’

Employer Key Benefits & Features

  • A no cost employee benefit
  • Generates National Insurance savings
  • Enhances employee benefits package
  • Can help to retain, motivate & attract staff
  • Car Insurance includes unlimited business travel
  • Helps to reduce employer Carbon Foot Print
  • Scheme administration is fully outsourced
  • Helps employers meet duty of care requirements
  • Employer lease rentals cease if employee leaves
  • Risk mitigation included for Statutory Pay events
  • Branded Web based solution which can be integrated with existing benefits platform
  • Cash-flow neutral - monthly to match employee payroll deduction frequency
  • Business mileage reimbursement savings for cash allowance drivers
  • Includes risk mitigation for Redundancy, Terminal Illness & Death in service
  • Help Desk support for employee queries
  • Employees have access to self-service web portal
  • Scheme is proven HMRC compliant

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