Car Salary Exchange can be offered to companies of all sizes especially as each scheme is designed bespoke to your key requirements.

Not only will our car scheme benefit your organisation but together, we’ll develop an all-inclusive car scheme that not only minimises costs and administration burden, but a car scheme that also allows flexibility and organisational growth with continued risk mitigation for leaver and unpaid leave events.

Whilst Car Salary Exchange is the cheapest and most tax effective way of owning and running a car, it alone won’t always fulfil all the vehicle requirements of every business. Through our consultancy process, we address all your vehicle needs and assess how and where Car Salary Exchange would feature amongst the suite of vehicle leasing options available.

Without any obligation please contact 0844 85 45 161 to discuss how Car Salary Exchange could benefit your business.

What does the assessment involve?

  • Total number of employees?
  • How many are above National Minimum Wage?
  • Typical staff profile and turnover?
  • How many company vehicles does the business operate at the moment?
  • What level of growth is expected?
  • What are the current vehicle ownership & funding options?
  • How many employees need to use a car for work?
  • What type of vehicles are required?
  • How many miles do your employees drive annually?
  • What percentage of this is personal use?
  • Is there a car allowance in place?

Car Salary Exchange will help you assess your existing vehicle policy to understand where it’s working, where it’s falling down, how it’s likely to perform in the coming years and the potential savings our scheme could generate.


The process ends with our assessment of the current situation, and a recommendation of what vehicle policy best suits the needs of the business now, and in the future.

This will include details such as who should be eligible for the Car Salary Exchange scheme, and who should be eligible for a company car. If car allowances are to be allocated, how best to determine suitable cash allowance amount, and how to administer them. Every company is unique, and we’ll ensure that everything is covered in our policy recommendation.

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If you would like a CSE Specialist to discuss the scheme in more detail with you, please complete the "Contact Us" form in the footer of the page.

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