1. You will make Tax & NI Savings

    As the reduction in salary is taken from your gross pay, you will no longer pay tax and NI on the reduction amount. A basic rate tax payer will save 32% (20% Tax and 12% National Insurance) and a higher rate tax payer will save 42% (40% tax and 2% National Insurance).

  2. No upfront deposit

    There are no deposits or large initial payments to worry about.

  3. Never pay full price of the car!

    You have access to all makes and models of cars and don’t have to worry about walking into a dealership to haggle for the best deal. Our pricing includes corporate manufacturer discounts that we have negotiated as a result of our purchasing power which are all passed on to you.

  4. You can relax knowing everything is taken care off - fixed cost motoring!

    There are no surprise monthly maintenance costs because all our cars supplied include full maintenance, replacement tyres (including punctures), European breakdown cover, fully comprehensive insurance including business & European Travel which leaves you to ‘just add fuel’!

  5. You’ll never need to visit the dealer or local garage for repairs again!

    When your car requires any servicing or maintenance work you can contact Car Salary Exchange who can arrange for your car to be collected, serviced/maintained and then the vehicle returned to you include of a full valet. Similarly tyres can be replaced at our tyre providers local depot or we can arrange for them to be changed at your office or home.

  6. You can offer to family member (e.g. partner)

    If you already are benefiting from a company car or if your partner drives the main household car, you can actually have a car through your employers car salary exchange for them. Quite simply you will make the necessary payments via salary reduction and you will pay the company car tax but for insurance purposes, your partner will be the main driver.

  7. Includes cover for Redundancy, Terminal Illness & Death in service

    Should the worse happen, the last thing you will need to worry about are any early termination penalties or costs – in any of these events you simply hand the keys back and the car is collected. There are no early termination fees to worry about.

  8. VAT Benefits

    As the car is supplied to your employer on a Contract Hire basis, Car Salary Exchange are able to claim all the VAT back from the purchase price meaning it is no considered when we calculate your monthly salary reduction amounts.

  9. Removal of depreciation risk

    There are no balloon payments or risk of falling into negative equity at the end. You simply have the option of either replacing your car when the lease expires or purchasing it at market value. Alterntiavely you can simply hand the keys back and providing you are within the contract mileage and meet the vehicle condition requrements, there are no further costs for you to worry about.

  10. Easy online quote & ordering with a dedicated consultant to help you should you get stuck !

    Our simple online quote and ordering web portal makes ordering a new car easy and hassle-free. The insurance requirements are simply to complete and you have all the cars listed with all their standard features, technical details and optional extra’s all detailed. You can carry out as many quotes as you like and pick and choose any options you want adding which subject to approval from HR, we’ll order. If you have a fixed budget in mind, no worries! You can simply choose your monthly budget amount and the web portal will short list all the cars that fall within this amount – simple!

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