Car Salary Exchange is a brand of Fleet Hire Limited who are one of the UK’s largest independent leasing and fleet management companies that operate nationally with over 500 corporate customers in the private, public & not for profit sectors.

Fleet Hire Limited is supported by leading edge technology and a strong financial base and is able to provide a diverse range of products and services to match the be-spoke needs of its customers. Whilst Fleet Hire offer basic fleet management or contract hire through to fully outsourced solutions, Car Salary Exchange was created to enable virtually every employee with a business to drive their ideal car.

Car Salary Exchange’s growth has been achieved by being at the forefront of car based employee benefits, developing new ideas, products and services through innovation and shared thinking with customers. Our aim is to provide successful employee car benefit solutions using informative easy to understand communication principles.

Today, all Car Salary Exchange team members possess this unusual combination of vehicle, finance and tax skills, and it’s this intelligent approach to car ownership that enables Car Salary Exchange to deliver tax savings where no other salary sacrifice company can.

Working with employers directly and via employee benefit companies and professional advisors we have experience in designing, implementing & managing car salary exchange schemes that are tailor made to suit the individual needs of our customers.

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