Our passion for customers drives our business. Our partnership approach to the way we do business makes us a trusted brand, able to rise to the challenges our customers face. Our people are at the heart of our business and we take pride in their ability to respect and support the diverse needs of all our customers


Our people are one of the main reasons Car Salary Exchange has been successful and because we’ve managed to invest in leading edge software, it allows our employees to concentrate on our core customer needs. Our own software solution that takes a numerous small tasks off our hands, minimises human error by imposing a series of checks and balances, making everything as easy and efficient as possible.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and constantly survey our customers to ensure we’re living up to our own exacting standards. We’ve also created a core set of values to help guide us, and are underlying in everything we do:

Our Values

We promise to save your employees money. How?

We use Fleet Hire’s expertise, procurement power and leasing discounts for servicing, parts and labour which are all passed on to the employee when we calculate their monthly salary exchange amount. Furthermore, as the monthly payments are taken from the Gross Salary, your employee also saves tax and NI on the same amount

We promise to save your employees time. How?

The car is delivered to the employee at work or at home and when the car needs a service or requires replacement tyres due to wear & tear, Car Salary Exchange will arrange for the car to be collected, serviced and returned to the employee at their chosen location. For replacement tyres we also offer a mobile tyre fitting service that can be done at their business.

There is no need for the employee to take time off to visit the car dealer when their car is due a service.

We promise speed, ease and efficiency. How?

We are reaping the rewards of leading edge IT investment which means that the administration required by employers to operate a car scheme is very little. Employees can access the web portal and carry out quotes and place orders online which the employer will need to authorise.

We promise to fulfil your service level requirements. How?

By recognising that every customer has different needs and aligning our internal and external service delivery to match the specific needs of our customer segments.

In short we promise to deliver on our promises. How?

Our very low people turnover has enabled us to develop knowledgeable, experienced and very personable people who passionately understand that customer loyalty is based upon going ‘that extra mile’. This philosophy is underpinned by our Customer Fulfilment Centre which strives to deliver continual process improvement based on our customer feedback.

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